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picual olive

royal olive

Real and fresh from my family grove in Cazorla (Andalusia)

"Straight from my family grove to your home, as local as olive oil can be in Calgary" by Veronica Guirado

Would you buy old produce?

So why would you buy outdated olive oil? Just like your fruits and veggies, EVOO is best when fresh. I recomend to look for the Harvest Date in the bottle.

After harvest and milling, the bitter and peppery flavours are at their greatest dimension. Seasonal, regional, and varietal characters shine through. And health-giving properties such as antioxidants, polyphenols, and oleic acids are also at their peak.

Vezorla is commited to freshness in every aspect of what we do. We declare the harvest date of every bottle right on the back label. Freshness is an important measure of quality. Why would you accept any less?

Use it generously - and soon!!

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NEW partner: Urban Fare Calgary

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