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Vezorla is born at Cazorla, in Andalusia, Spain. An idyllic landscape where the growth of our olive trees is conducted with the utmost respect for the established procedures of traditional and organic production. Vezorla intends to be an inspiration to the demanding and knowledgeable consumer, who searches for the best quality and the purity of unique flavors.Β 

100% Spanish 100% Monovarietal 100% Cold Extraction 100% Quality Certification - Traceability.

Did you know that an olive tree hundreds of years old can produce only an average of 50 kg of olives?

Did you know that we can extract only 6 liters from 50kgs of the premium olives harvested in October and 15L from 50kgs of the olives harvested in Nov/Dec?Β Therefore we say OLIVE TREE IN EVERY CASE or the full production of an olive tree.Β 

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