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PICUAL TRADITIONAL, Cooking Oil, Spanish Olive Oil (EVOO). <b>HARVEST NOV 2022</b>, 5L jug. Available in CA 🇨🇦  & US 🇺🇸.

PICUAL TRADITIONAL, Cooking Oil, Spanish Olive Oil (EVOO). HARVEST NOV 2022, 5L jug. Available in CA 🇨🇦 & US 🇺🇸.

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We have been olive farmers for countless generations in Andalusia (Spain) and now our olive juice is available in Canada & USA. Don't hesitate to contact us directly +587 227 5524. Veronica. 

Flavor Profile: Picual has a robust and bold flavor profile. Complex combination of fruity, bitter, and peppery notes, contributing to a rich and intense taste experience. If we compare early harvest with this one (harvest time-traditional), this one is milder in flavour, tastes more like a picual fruit and less like a leaf. 
High Polyphenol Content: Picual olives contain higher levels of polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants. These compounds combat free radicals keeping our cells younger and also provide a longer shelf life by helping to prevent oxidation. We are lucky that within the 1200 types of olives in the world, picual is one varieties of olives with the highest amount in polyphenols. This also allow us to cook with it. 
Harvest Time - Date Nov 2022: Harvest time means the olives are picked when they are fully ripened. This means that 1 case with 12x500ml bottles contains the half production of one olive tree hundreds years old. We indicate the harvest date at the back of the label. 
Peppery Finish that your throat will handle: Picual olive oil is known for its peppery finish. This peppery sensation at the back of the throat is a sign of the oil's high-quality and fresh attributes. Do not worry, Vezorla's picual is a medium intensity so your throat normally won't suffer for a strong caught. 
Versatility in Culinary Applications - Your food will taste delicious when cooked with it (salads, stews, sautéing, frying and dip-frying): You might know evoo smoke point is low but smoke does not mean the oil is breaking down, in fact evoo is the most stable oil to cook with in high temperatures because its low processing practices (natural juice) and high amount in polyphenols. Any questions about this call us. 
Traditional agriculture practices: Our trees are happily planted 10 metres apart. We cold extract the juice within 8 hours of the olives being harvested. Note: Cold Press is only a trend, that is an old procedure to extract the juice, nowadays is only use for personal consumption. 
DOP Quality Stamp with traceability number located at the back of the label.

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Alejandra ferro rico
Useful and healthy

I loved the new bottle, more liquid, better prize.