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OHIS: Olive oil and health, in collaboration with the university of Navarra (Spain).

Madrid - The member countries of the IOC recently approved a proposal to create a portal that gathers scientific information on the health benefits of olive oil and olive products. 

The project, called the Olive Health Information System, or OHIS, is planned to begin in the coming months.

The Executive Secretariat is supported by the Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health at the University of Navarra, in collaboration with researchers who hold over ten years’ experience. The aim is to create a regularly updated database that gathers the latest scientific research. 

The portal is designed with both researches and the general public in mind; it will include technical documents as well as more accessible content written in simple language that can be understood by all.

Experts and scientists from the University will also publish scientific reviews and reports to summarise keyresearch from all over the world, as well as provide infographics to illustrate the findings visually. The results will be included in the Observatory that the IOC is setting up to provide members with more up-to-date information on current issues.

Disclaimer: This blog is not an original work. It is a compilation of excerpts for the sources below.

By Olive Oil Council. Newsletter No. 136. April 2019.

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