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Life Itself, Andalusia and Olive Groves

Life Itself. 

This 2018 American drama film written and directed by Dan Fogelman stars Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde and the andalusian Antonio Banderas...(Netflix)

I totally recommend it. What a nice surprise!! The movie submerges you into an andalusian family who owns a "cortijo" (country house) surrounded by an olive grove in Seville countryside. I know it is Seville because of the teenager's accent, the words "mi arma" (hey body), the streets with terraces and "farolillos" (lights). 

It totally reminded me how I grew up. My story is like this little boy whose parents were taking care of the land and house without owning it, and managing the harvest season of their olive trees, and in my case, our own olive trees as well. It was interesting seeing how they hand-harvest and one of the characters imported olive oil from Spain to Italy for personal consumption. It is like me, the smell and the taste of Picual and Royal bring me to my andalusian home.

Enjoy it!


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