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What to look for when buying a good extra virgin olive oil?

Unlike wine, olive oil does not get better with the passage of time, its freshness is a key component of its quality. We should always check the harvest date. As well, each variety of olive provides different organoleptic properties (flavour, colour, aroma) and it is crucial to know which variety it is made of. There is a saying "what grows together goes hand in hand". Made sure that the olives that have produced the oil in the bottle that you are about to buy come not only from the same country, but also from a specific and localized region of that country. The most important thing when choosing an oil is to smell it, when it is possible, and then taste it on its own, with no other food, so that you can test it and analyze its viscosity and its flavour profile. This will give you ideas on what to pair it with later. There are no rules in the world of sensations; it is a very personal matter. The best recommendation is to close your eyes and listen to your palate.

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