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62 aromas in extra virgin olive oil?

The fact is than you can find extra virgin olive oils with these 62 aromas:

Almond/green almond, banana, tomato/tomato plant, apple, grass, artichoke, aromatic herbs, flowers, citrus, olive leaf, vanilla, nuts, wild herbs, pepper, cinnamon, mint, plum, nut, lime, pear, strawberry, basil, fig tree, peppermint, fennel, vegetables, arugula, mallow, rosemary, berries, walnut, lettuce, thyme, orange, pepper, eucalyptus, lemon tree, kiwi, peach, oregano, lemon, balm, tropical fruits, baby food, fig, locorice root, licorice root, licorice, chicory, asparagus, mango, wheat, endivia, melon, beans, geranium, azahar flower, zucchini, chard, almond, clover, camomile and appricot.