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Would you like a retreat between olive trees in Andalusia?

If you enjoy nature, take care of yourself and combine personal spiritual growth with a rejuvenating and relaxing holiday, then you are a real eco-spiritual traveler. We recommend you Suryalila for you to be able to meditate, or practice yoga in the shade of olive trees, walk through their fields and enjoy its juices with irresistibly healthy menus. Suryalila, coming from the Sanskrit "the sun's cosmic game", is a fantastic Yoga retreat center, located inside an old olive oil mill in Sierra de Grazalema, in the heart of Andalusia. This sanctuary, in the form of a farm, based on the principles of freedom, growth and creativity, comprises eight houses that have been renovated, with views onto rolling hills of glistening wheat fields and golden sunflowers. Sumptuous banquets of delicious gourmet vegetarian and organic food, made from what the farm produces, it was also a dairy-product factory, are offered, always bathed in organic extra virgin olive oil, that is made from olives coming from the 350 olive trees that grow on this terrain. As well, in Suryalila one can find two of the most spacious and beautiful Yoga studios in Europe: La Cupula, which has a huge window with a view of the imposing ountains and the romantic ruins of a 17th century convent; and Ganesha Yoga Shala, a welcoming wooden studio on the upper floor, with a bay window that looks out onto the vastness of the Cadiz hill range. An experience of profound beauty, heath, quality and care, to guide the visitors towards transparency, goodness and love.

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