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Picual Olive Juice Craft Special Edition. From Olives Harvested in October 2021 and bottled the same month. Limited Editon.
Picual olives harvested in October 2021. Extra Virgin Olive Oil normally has 250mg/kg in terms of polyphenols, this results show us 527mg/kg. Super antioxidant, great for keeping your cels young.
Picual Olive Juice harvested in October 2021. This lab test show 7.7 in Fruitiness, at that is pretty good result.

Tasting bottle of Picual olive juice from olives harvested on OCT 2021, 500ml bottle. Available in CA 🇨🇦 & US 🇺🇸 .

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Type of Olive 100% Picual Olives. Limited Production.

High intensity bitter & intensity spicy, with tasting notes of fresh grass, apple and fig.
Quality "standardized name" Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Quality "regular name" 100% Juice From Unripe Picual Olives. High in polyphenols (natural antioxidants).
Harvest Period October 2021
Bottled October 2021
Best Before October 2023
Harvest Method Mechanical with vibration
Production Cold Extraction. (Cold Press is just a trend) 
Storage  Stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere
Acidity 0.13
Bottle Dark Glass. Net content 500mL.
Storage suggestions

Store in cold, dry place out of direct sunlight
Eating suggestions Salad dressing, stir fry, finishing and dipping.


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