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Soap bar made with 100% virgin olive oil "Original" - 80g
Soap bar made with 100% virgin olive oil "Original" - 80g

Soap bar made with 100% virgin olive oil "Original" - 80g


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Traditional soap made with 100% picual olive oil. The ingredients used in this soap are :picual olive oil, sodium hidrate and water, it coudn't be more natural.

This produt does not contain any perfumes, colouring or chemicals. Can be used on body and hair.

The soap artisan used our picual olive oil, which supports extreme temperatures ranging from intense cold to strong summer heat, and give the olive a higher content of oleic acid and antioxidants, which gives our soaps a large number of beneficial properties among which stand out: hydration, healing and exfoliation; thus conferring to our products the added value of protecting and caring for our skin.

It is more than evident -and it is scientifically proven- the large number of beneficial properties that a diet based on olive oil gives us, so why not take advantage of these properties through the skin? Olive oil protects against external factors and promotes cellular regeneration and the formation of cell membranes, as well as being an emollient for the fatty acids it contains.

Do not forget that the skin is the largest and most external organ of the body and, therefore, acts as a protective barrier of the organism with the environment that surrounds it, as well as acts as a communication system with the environment; so to use a product whose base is completely natural and that provides all the properties of olive oil is of vital importance.

On the other hand, the fact that olive oil and other natural raw materials are used as the basis for their production, make our products unique and 100% ecological, since all these materials -as well as the product itself- are biodegradable, taking care of in this way the environment and minimizing the environmental impact.

Our soaps stand out in a market that is increasingly concerned about the well-being of our environment and the care of our own skin.