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Extra virgin olive oil ROYAL 500ml - Harvest 2017/18
Extra virgin olive oil ROYAL 500ml - Harvest 2017/18
Extra virgin olive oil ROYAL 500ml - Harvest 2017/18

Extra virgin olive oil ROYAL 500ml - Harvest 2017/18

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This intense fruity oil is lightly bitter and spicy with tasting notes of tomato plant, green almond, green banana, cinnamon and vanilla. For more information about the olive tree and the location click here.

Harvested on November 2017. This is the most important information the label is giving to you. Look for this date in every bottle you buy, this is telling you when the olives were cold pressed. This particular Premium was harvested in the earliest season so the amount of antioxidants is higher and therefore will keep for longer period its flavour and tasting notes.

Bottled at the mill on January 2018. We bring small batches to Canada, this corresponds to the lastest one. We prefer to keep the olive oil in the big container at the mill until it is demanded in Canada. Leaving the olive oil at the big container reduces the oxigen exposure therefore it keeps the fruitiness of the olive oil for longer period.

This 500ml glass containers has an anti-drip dispenser and a non-refillable stopper, which guarantee the origin and the purity of the product at all times.

Healthy properties:

- Rich in oleic acid which helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in our blood.
- Contains polyphenols which help to prevent blood from oxidative damage.
- Source of vitamin E which has antioxidant qualities.
- It is proven that following a Mediterranean diet based in olive oil is associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer, as well as a reduced incidence of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. 

This olive oil is not stable in high temperatures. Eat it fresh on salads, desserts and finishing dishes.

Store in cold, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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