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Clay dish, (18/14/10cm)
Clay dish, (18/14/10cm)

Clay dish, (18/14/10cm)


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Superior quality

Handmade in Jaen, Spain

Baked 1832 Fahrenheit.

Safe for all cooking applications.

Use for thousands of years, the cazuela is a very common dish in every household in Spain. Made in many different sizes, cazuelas are perfect for cooking your favourite Spanish dishes, such as paella. The smallet cazuelas are also perfect for serving a variety of tapas ítems including olives and marcona almonds. Our cazuelas are glazed except for the bottom to allow for cooking on various mediums including store top, owen and barbaque. Please note alll cazuelas should be cure before cooking.

Follow these 4 easy steps to help prevent cracking in your clay cookware.

Clay cookware is durable and can be used for cooking however it is important that you cure it before its first use (or if you haven't cooked with it for an extended period). Follow these four easy steps:

1.- Cover and saos the entire dish in water for 12 hours.

2.- Drain and hipe dry. Fill the dish with water to 1/2 " below the rim. Place the dish over low hear and shallowly bring water to boil.

3.- Let the water oil down until only 1/2 cup remains.

4.- Cool slowly and wash.