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Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

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El Majuelo Balsamic Vinegar is produced following well known traditional methods. The length of time that the vinegar is preserved in wooden barrels gives it such a wonderful and exclusive aroma. It is a rich and bitter-sweet vinegar which is especially good when used for roasting casseroling and as an ingredient in more complex.

6% Acidity.

Sherry vinegar is made from Sherry wines (100% Palomina Fina). It is protected by the Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin and created using the traditional ‘criaderas and soleras’ process of transferring vinegars from barrel to barrel over a period of many years to give the vinegar its unique character.

The vinegar is created by an acetic fermentation process as it ages slowly in American Oak barrels. The Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin closely controls all these processes.

In the nursery bodegas the vinegar is stored according to its age in American Oak barrels. The barrels are aligned in three or four levels making a series of steps. The lowest barrel or step is called ‘solera’ as it is nearest floor level or ‘el suelo’.

This one contains the oldest vinegar. The next one up is called ‘primera criadera’ or the first nursery and contains a younger vinegar and the highest barrel is the ‘seconda criadera’ or the second nursery containing the youngest vinegar.

When the vinegar is ready for consumption it is always extracted from the ‘solera’ by means of a process called ‘saca’ meaning to ‘take off’. A small proportion of the vinegar is extracted from each ‘solera’ in the row.